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Incomplete, inaccurate

Matt, in like, here, in this country, we, we gloat about all the, all the Brit bands fighting, each other. Why par, participate in that?

Urm, well I didn't, I ... it's difficult when someone, it's difficult when someone attacks you, er, it's difficult not to retaliate back you know, but I don't really participate in that. I try not to, really, and urm, silly you know, English, a lot of English people are very, very uptight you know and very boring. Just so fucking boring, you know. It's like urm, they should all chill out a bit more, get pissed up, get sto.. just fucking get laid a bit more often. I think that, that's that's the problem, really. Everyone's so sort of, it's quite a small place. It's like a small, it's like quite a small country, but with lots of people, so everyone's like squabbling for their little bit of space, you know. Erm, so that's maybe something to do with it.

But again, I, I saw something with Muse and the 'phonics, where they attack you and it, it came back to them and you can you like, tell about that coincidence?

Erm, uh, I dunno, I, we played with Stereophonics twice in USA. We did concerts with them and seemed, very friendly, very nice people and we chat with the singer, chat with them, seemed like a normal nice guy, you know? Nice guy. Uh, then suddenly he started going to the press saying all sorts of stuff about us [...] and I thought what a little fucking twat. Do you know what I mean? And he his very little. Um, and, I dunno why [...]

You should, I mean

I dunno why, I dunno why he did i.. I mean, what should I do, should I just ignore it, yeah yeah?


The only reason, the only reason, the only reason, okay. What, what it was, the thing with the Stereophonics is like, they're okay. I mean, if someone says like, "oh you skinny, pretentious wanker", you know, I can go, "fair enough. I am". You know? But if someone says, if someone says like, you know, if someone makes an attack on me, I don't mind, that's fine, I can laugh that sort of thing off, but, but he, he, he said something that was like, illegal. He said that we'd, he said that we'd asked for a concert for twenty thousand pounds from him and that we'd turned it down because we wanted to get more money and that's not true. So, it's, okay. If you say something like "their music's shit, I hate you" that's funny you know, but if they say like, "Oh you, you tried to steal money from us", that's like, there's a legal problem with that, you know. So I had to say something back to say that it was a lie. You know, because, because we could've been in trouble with our agents, you know? For booking concerts? Because we were trying to book concerts for the summer and all the, all the booking agents were going, "ah, we've read, we read that you demanded twenty five thousand pounds and turned it down from Stereophonics", and it's not true, it's a complete lie. Absolute lie and it turns out that there's a misunderstanding between their agent and our agent, that was where the argument started. Because they're booking a thing and erm, so I had to say something back, to make it safe for us, you know? And erm, but also I added a couple of things. But those things, those things I added are true. They dema.. they demanded one point seven million pounds to play Reading Festival and, and that they stole the PRS rights, Performing Rights Society, from a small band that were supporting them? And PRS money is like, PRS money is, is one of the only monies you get when you're a new band, you know? Because all your money is owed to the record companies. So the PRS performing rights for writing music erm, Stereophonics took that away from the support band urm, and he questioned, and erm, so I found that very difficult to be, they're accusing us of being, you know what I mean? Money grabbers and, and it was all lies and, so I found that just very difficult to swallow.

Okay then, last question. Could you tell us a story?

What about? What sort of story? A true story?


A true story. Urm, about what? Muse?

Yeah, it, it could be from your tour in, in Japan

Oh, you want those sort of stories?


You want those sort of stories. Uh, okay. Urm, the other day, once upon a time we, we did a gig in, we did a gig in urm, I don't know, actually I don't know if I should tell you this. But it's a secret. Well it's not a secret, Dom knows. Dom's the drummer in the band, yeah? But I've been secretly filming him having sex. He doesn't know and like erm and er I've got like footage of him like, 'cause he can't, he always, he always tries to get, he's always looking for girls you know. Which is not a bad thing, but he's always, he always does it in public, you know? Like in a space on the side and erm, and erm, I got, I got camera footage and I'm going to put it up on, on the website, at some point.

You will?

Yeah yeah. I will [...] so he doesn't know, so it's a bit of a, a bit of, you know. Is that the sort of thing you wanted to know?

Yeah, that's a good one.

Okay. So look out, look out on the website for, for Dom's willie.

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