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A short article about outfits Muse bought prior to the release of Hullabaloo, as well as Hullabaloo itself, from the April 2002 issue of Kerrang.

Muse: new image unveiled!

Plus: "full-on" new single, live album & DVD

Muse have exclusively revealed their new image to Kerrang!. Speaking to us this week, frontman Matt Bellamy explained the spontaneous nature of the band's new look. Says Bellamy: "We just found ourselves in a shop full of costumes and said, 'Those suits look quite cool. Let's wear them!'. A few beers later we ended up with the new pictures. I don't think we really care too much about image, though. We just do what we want at the time."
  Muse's new image coincides with the announcement that the band will be releasing a brand new double A-side single on June 3 via Taste Media/Mushroom. The two new tracks, 'Dead Star' and 'In Your World', were written specifically for the band's last tour. According to Bellamy, the songs represent a shift into ever more rock-orientated territory.
  "They're really f**king full-in," says the frontman. "It seems that with each album we're becoming more like we are when we rehearse. When you go into the studio you're surrounded by so many gizmos and computers that you end up losing the plot. It's a case of keeping to what you are."
  Both new songs will also feature on Muse's forthcoming live DVD. Titled 'Hullabaloo', the two-disc set features 90 minutes of live footage filmed during a Paris show last year. The second disc comprises a 50-minute documentary featuring behind-the-scenes footage taken throughout Muse's world tour. A live album, also titled 'Hullabaloo', will be released at the same time.
  "I thought it was better to do a live document before we're old and fat," laughs Bellamy. "I think so many bands do it when they're past it. The DVD's got lots of extra options. We haven't controlled the documentary. We've shown all the aspects of touring, whether it's me being sick or Dom getting laid."
  'Hullabaloo' will be released on CD and DVD on June 17 via Taste Media/Mushroom.

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