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Murph on stage

Murph the Robot is an inflatable version of the "Creator" from the Dark Side video. He was thought up over shots of whiskey by Lance Drake and the band.

The puppet is an inflatable with some internal structure, made by a Dutch-based company called "Airworks inflatables". They specialize in producing large-scale inflatables for various events.

He comes up near the end of the show during the Metal Medley.

Murph is attached, with wire, to rail trusses in two places - the head and the arm. Both the head and the arm wires can move up and down, with the arm also able to move left to right. His mouth can also open, housing a spotlight, which illuminates the audience around the middle of the medley.

The puppet is operated by several people. Two people are positioned behind the stage, jerking it left and right. The third person (presumably) is operating the winches, moving the puppet's arms and the head up and down and the fourth person is probably in charge of the mouth and the light movements.

Since his debut in early promos for the Simulation Theory Tour, he has been a fan favorite. He now has his own T-Shirt on sale during the tour.

The ongoing struggle between Matt's "Power Glove" and "Murph" on Instagram is entertaining to say the least.

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