Matt's Wardrobe

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Matt's goofy glasses at Eurockéennes 2000
The Iconic Spikey Hair
The Lab Coat
The Baby Bib Shirt

Matt's Wardrobe

Matt Bellamy has worn some interesting outfits over the years. Anything notable should be below.

Showbiz Era

For much of the Showbiz era Matt wore black collared shirts. An orange variant of these shirts can be found on the Muscle Museum and at the MCM Café gig. During the European festivals leg of the tour, Matt wore a red version.

Another notable attire was Matt's very compact sunglasses worn at the Belfort Malsaucy 2000 (gig) Eurockéennes gig.

Origin of Symmetry Era

During the origin era Matt wore black. Shocking.

The most recognizable look from this period is his spikey hair.

Absolution Era

During the absolution era Matt wore almost exclusively black clothing. because he's Matt.

One of the most notable things Matt wore during the absolution era was the Lab Coat. He wore the Lab Coat at the famous Glastonbury 2004 Show. The Lab Coat has since become iconic, just like that gig.

A similar Red coat appeared at Earls Court 2004.

At Live Aid Matt wore possibly his weirdest outfit ever. At the gig he wore a white and yellow dress shirt which had a collar that resembled baby's bib.

Black Holes and Revalations Era

The Red Suit at Wembley

During the black holes and revelations era matt wore a variety of outlandish clothes. One of the best of these was the Red Suit. The Red Suit took Matt's obsession with the color red to the next level. This suit was captured on the H.A.A.R.P D.V.D.

At Reading 2006 Matt wore a white t-shirt that bore the text "Google Video: Terror Storm". If you searched for this on Google Video. you would find a documentary about how some terrorist acts were inside jobs to set up more authoritarian laws such as imposing ID cards etc. The documentary was made by the much memed host of Infowars Alex Jones. This actually caused quite a bit of controversy.

The Resistance Era

Matt and his glitter

From 2009 to 2011 Matt Bellamy wore some truly unique outfits. Possibly the most notable were his blue LED Glasses worn during Uprising. As it turns out, these would not be the last LED glasses he would wear onstage (see Simulation Theory era.). Along with the LED glasses, Matt sported a handheld laser that he would illuminate the crowd with.

During this era, Matt had a borderline obsession with sparkles. Examples of this can be found with his blue sparkle pants, his outfit worn at the Wembley Stadium gigs and even the Glierrari guitar.

The 2nd Law Era

Matt and his cool jacket
Panic Station
Madness Glasses

Matt had an interesting time fashion-wise during The 2nd Law era. With many outfits of significance. The first of which is the coolest of the cool, Matt's Cool Jacket. And of course the infamous Panic Station outfit. during the video for Panic Station Matt wore a crazy fluffy coat and the tightest tights you will ever witness. Since my description won't do it justice, just look at the image on the right.

Of course during this era, the Madness glasses made their debut. These are a pair of black sunglasses used to display the lyrics for Madness, In sync with the song. Matt wore these throughout The 2nd Law Tour, in the Madness music video, and at many live performances since.