Manson Keytarcaster

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Matt Soundchecking the Keytarcaster
Manufacturer Manson Guitars
Used 2009-2010
Body type Solid
Neck joint Unknown
Body covering Unknown
Wood Unknown
Bridge None
Electronics Unknown
Pickup(s) None
Special circuits Two-octave keyboard


The first guitar to be built by Hugh Manson not to have any pickups, the strings are most likely for feel or to complete the circuit between the fretboard plates and the strings, Features the classic "Mattocaster" shape, with the right hand playing a two-octave keyboard and the left playing the bass notes up the neck.

It can also been seen in the video for Undisclosed Desires which premiered on on 3rd November 2009


It was first used at the Homecoming Teignmouth gig for Undisclosed Desires.

Songs used for

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