Manic Depression (DVD)

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Manic Depression cover art
Muse release
Name Manic Depression
Tracks Unknown
Total length 60:00
Recorded Chrome Dreams 2003
Writer/composer Unknown
Producer Unknown
Art work Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Format(s) DVD
Catalogue № CVIS381
Release date 25th April
Chart position Unknown
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Manic Depression



  • Although you are warned at the beginning of the programme that this DVD contains no music, performance or exclusive interviews with Muse, you expect a bit more than this... it's basically a talk about the history of Muse with nothing new to add, and 'interviews' with e.g. their old headteacher at school, one of Matt Bellamy's guitar technicians, it is just a really dull and boring DVD, don't buy it, don't even rent it.
  • I rented this DVD from Amazon and the big clue for what is in store is when the DVD starts and claims no ties with the band and contains none of Muse music. Hmmm a film about a band that plays none of their music. The production is poor with use of stock footage and pictures and the voice over is bad. It doesn't really tell you any thing new about the band mildly interesting information at times from an ex Guitar tech of the band. If you want to know more about the band's past read Muse by Ben Myers - much more entertaining. I am so glad I rented this first as I would never watch this DVD again. If you are a Muse fan you probably know all the information contained in this DVD any way.

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