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MUSEabuse is the largest spanish speaking Muse fan site, hosting the largest Forum available for the latin community, with over 12000 registered used and 300.000 messages in about 4000 topics[1]. The website is currently runs on a VPS, dedicated server. It has been online since 2006.

Previously hosted on two different shared hosting service, in the summer of 2012 and after a last massive downtime caused by too many users, the E-Werk gig in Cologne and a very unforgiving hosting politics, MUSEabuse's administration team decided to leave shared hosting behind and opted for a VPS solution. The server has 1 dedicated processor and 512M ram.

MUSEabuse has been redesigned several times through its history.


MUSEabuse was an offspring after a group of online friends, who knew each other through the official [2] forums (Citation needed), decided that one topic was not enough for them and that the spanish Muse coverage at that time was very poor. This decision took place a few minutes after the Madrid Palacio de Deportes 2006 (gig). Before that, another (free) forum already existed where this users would hang out, some like to think this was the first iteration of MUSEabuse, nowadays, this forum is deleted.

On November the 22nd 2006 MUSEabuse went officially online.


  • News
  • Forum
  • Gallery with up to date Tour pics, caption contests and photoshops.
  • Translated Lyrics
  • Translated interviews
  • Translated articles
  • Chat
  • Info about the Tour with setlists


  1. Forum stats as of October 2012 [1]

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