Los Angeles The Forum 2019-01 (gig)

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Gig Announcement
Muse show
Venue The Forum[1] (ALTer EGO[2])
Date 19th January 2019[3]
Location Los Angeles, CA[4]
Country USA
Songs 8[5]
Support Twenty One Pilots et al.[6]
Start See below[7]
Capacity 17.000[8]
Price (USD) 26-181
Sold out? Yes[9]

First confirmed show of 2019. Part of the Simulation Theory Promo Shows.


Announced by iHeartRadio and the band itself on 1st October, they will performe at ALTer Ego in Los Angeles. The tickets were available Friday, October 5th.

The show was broadcasted by the iHeartRadio and LiveXLive.

You can watch the full performance here, or download it from MuseBootlegs here.


  • 18:30 - DJ Scotty Fox
  • 19:30 - Twenty One Pilots
  • 20:13 - The Revivalists
  • 20:43 - Rise Against
  • 21:23 - Bishop Briggs
  • 21:53 - Weezer
  • 22:33 - The Killers
  • 23:08 - Muse



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