London Olympic Stadium 2012 (gig)

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Up in Flames
Stage Set Up
Muse show
Venue Olympic Stadium[1] (Olympic Games closing ceremony[2])
Date 12th August 2012[2]
Location London[3]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 1[4]
Support None
Start (GMT) 21:00[5]
Capacity 80,000[6]
Price (GBP) 655–1500[7]
Sold out?

First (albeit mimed) performance of The 2nd Law era.


Survival was played the first time.

Like all the other performers in the event, their instruments were mimed and only the vocals were live. Survival was played on it's shortened version.

This performance saw the debut of the Manson Carbon guitar, giving it a nickname Olympic Manson, and the first production Status CW Signature bass. The performance was also the only time Chris used coulour-coted DR strings, using British flag colours.

Several choir members were located behind the trio for show.


During the NBC coverage of the Closing Ceremony in the US, Muse's performance was entirely cut out due to an extended commercial break and airing of a new comedy "Animal Practice". This also meant they cut performances by Ray Davies, Kate Bush, and The Who. Many outraged fans berated NBC's coverage of the Olympics on social media websites including Twitter and Facebook, Tweeting '#NBCfail' in light of the spotty coverage. Toward the end of the following day, August 13th, NBC had begun deleting these posts on their sites.