Italian Fetish

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Spaghetti Bellamy made (not really)

The women. The food. Matt likes everything Italian, so it seems. Asked why he prefers Italian women; "they've got that vibe, you know". Matt has an obvious obsession for pasta - talking of the new album having a song that deals with storing Pasta for 12 years using nitrogen flushing.

"I had food last night," says Bellamy, "that actually brought me to tears. Home-made pasta with tomatoes. It was so simple, so perfect, so intense that I started to well up! It was so fucking good compared to England" - The Independant

Muse worked on Black Holes and Revelations in Milan, Italy.

Bellamy's Ex-Fiance Gaia Polloni was Italian and Bellamy lived with her in Moltrasio.


If you're female and Italian, please do not hang around in Muse Chat hoping Matt would pop by to woo you away, chances are you'll get some random paedo, etc.