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Interpol is an American post-punk revival band based in New York with Paul Banks serving as lead vocalist/guitarist. They've reached critical success with their albums Antics and Our Love to Admire.

Interpol played alongside Muse on the Lollapalooza Day Two.

Frontman Paul Banks was asked in Twitter whether he liked Muse to which he responded "Yeah, I like Muse. They are incredible live."

Paul also commented on Muse's influence on an interview with OLTA time in 2007.

HUMO: The producer of ‘Our Love to Admire’ was Rich Costey, who’s particularly renowned for his work for Muse, the stadium band of the moment. Was that the deciding factor to work with him?

PB: “I’m probably the only one of the band who wanted Costey for his work for Muse; the others were more interested in his work for The Mars Volta and so on. But I heard the Muse records and I knew: this sound is interesting for us. I also like them musically. That dude is a virtuoso musician. Watching Muse in a stadium is like watching Slash when I was younger. If I would be fifteen years younger, I would love it. It’s a spectacle.” [1]

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