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Matt has a tendency to repeatedly say "I think" during interviews.

As shown in this interview here Matt says it 10 times in the space of 30 seconds. (00:20-00:50)

Another good example of this is found in this Muse interview at MTV France in 2002, where Matt again said "I think" ten times in 30 seconds (6:13-6:43).

"Erm I don't know... I think er it's difficult. I think it's pwolly quite early to say what what personally we're working on these songs that we just er...so we're working on a lot of new songs but it's difficult to say how they're going to turn out. I think - I think if anything I could say er the songs are more like...songs. They're like songs. But yeah erm we're I think - I think - I think the last album was quite err, we-eer-we were sort of experimenting off on a lot of new things but I think er I think it's more focused on songwriting I think if you know what I mean. Yeah yeah but er but yeah that's the end of what I'm - thats the end of my statement."