Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival 2018 (gig)

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Poster for Warner Music Night
Muse show
Venue DOCKS[1] (Warner Music Night[1])
Date 21st September 2018[1]
Location Hamburg, HH[source?]
Country Germany
Songs 16[source?]
Support Disarstar, Matt Gresham[1]
Start (UTC+2) 23:10[source?]
Capacity 1500[1]
Price (EUR) 45 euros (daily ticket)[source?]
Sold out? Unknown

First show of the Simulation Theory era and the Simulation Theory Promo Shows tour.


Announced by the band just the day before as a surprise set. Muse is the special guest on the Warner Music Night.

Thought Contagion and The Handler were sound checked.

The Dark Side was performed for the first time.

The show was streamed (except The Handler and Knights Of Cydonia) by on 23 November. You can see it here, or download it in MuseBootlegs.



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