Fuji Rock 2002 interview

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An interview that took place after the Fuji Rock Festival 2002 performance.

Dominic Howard: We feel pretty good after that live performance. It was er, it was fun, you know. It was good to come here to Japan, and to play to a big crowd outdoors. You know, which was good. And the crowd were really really good. They were jumping up and down all over the place. The vibe of the crowd was cool. And er, you know it was good, it was good. It sounded a bit weird on stage, but it was good.

Christopher Wolstenholme: It was quite strange. There was like, like those big silver beatle things were flying all over the stage and landing on everyone's heads, and on your neck and biting and stuff.

Howard: ... Yeah, I had something making a nest in my hair ...

Wolstenholme: I had to stop playing just to flick them all off.

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