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Artist line-up
Muse show
Venue Grant Park[source?] (Lollapalooza[source?])
Date 4th August 2007[1][2]
Location Chicago, IL[source?]
Country USA
Songs 15[3]
Support Yeah Yeah Yeahs[2]
Start (UTC-5) 20:30[source?]
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) 165.00, 195.00, 80.00 (One Day Pass)[1]
Sold out? Unknown

The third annual Lollapalooza, Muse performed at 20:30 central time on the AT&T Stage. Matthew Bellamy ran off stage after nearly every song for almost ten seconds. Technical problems most likely were caused by an unexpected downpour within an hour of their set.[3]

Live premiere of [JFK] which was used as an intro in its extended form.


Bellamy said "This next song is for anyone who remembers our first album" before Sunburn.[4] Howard repeatedly said "You guys are very kind" throughout the show, which sparked the rumor that the band's monitors were not working through the show, meaning they literally played deaf.[4]



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