Barakaldo Bilbao Exhibition Centre 2006 (gig)

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Forced In
Muse in Bilbao
Set list
Muse show
Venue Bizkaia Arena, Bilbao Exhibition Centre[1]
Date 24th October 2006[1]
Location Barakaldo[2], Bilbao[2]
Country Spain
Songs 17[3][4]
Support Poet in Process[5]
Start (UTC+2) 22:00 [2], 20:45[2] (doors)
Capacity 6,000[source?]
Price (EUR) 30[2]
Sold out? No[source?]

Ticket pre-sale took place on 31st August through General Tickets.

This concert marked the first performance of Hoodoo. Christopher Wolstenholme played guitar, Morgan Nicholls bass and Matthew Bellamy keyboard.[4][6] Soldier's Poem, Apocalypse Please, and Muscle Museum were in the set-list,[1] but Muse didn't play them.



Several amateur videos were recorded and uploaded to YouTube.[7] The audio from these videos has been demuxed and encapsulated in mp3 containers, these can currently be found here or here[registration needed].[8]



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