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Matt in the studio with a Bad Cat sitting in the amp rack

Black Cat is a boutique amp builder from Santa Ana, California.

One of Bad Cat's amps is also the Lil' 15, which Matt used during the recording of The Resistance. It is available as a combo or just a head. Matt used the head version.


  • 15-Watt 2-channel head
  • Solid State Rectifier
  • Ch 1: Volume, Cut
  • Ch 2: Gain, Tone, Cut, Master
  • Two EL-84 Power Tubes
  • 12AX7 Clean Preamp Tube
  • EF84 High-Gain Preamp Tube

Channel one's sound is similar to the clean sound in other Bad Cat amplifiers such as the Cub II and the Black Cat. Channel two features a classic EF84 grind and drive. It's very glassy in nature.

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