Avenches Arena 2002 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Arène d'Avenches[1] [en: Avenches Arena] (Rock Oz' Arènes[2])
Date 15th August 2002[1][2]
Location Avenches, VD[2]
Country Switzerland
Songs 17[source?]
Support Jimmy Eat World, Incubus[source?]
Start (UTC+2) 18:00[1]
Capacity Unknown
Price (CHF) 200.00[1]
Sold out? Unknown

This gig was where Eternally Missed gained the pseudonym "Rusty One". Matthew Bellamy apologised after making a mistake, saying "Cheers, cheers ... bit rusty that one".

This gig also marked the last known performance of Minimum.

You can listen the radio broadcast of the gig here [1], the end of Muscle Museum, Minimum, Plug in Baby and Bliss are missing.



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