Austin Zilker Metropolitan Park 2007 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue AT&T Blue Room,[1] Zilker Metropolitan Park[1] (Austin City Limits Music Festival[source?])
Date 15th September 2007[2][1][3]
Location Austin, TX[source?]
Country USA
Songs 16[source?]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC−5) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) 145.00 (3 day), 120.00 (3 day "early bird")[4]
Sold out? Yes[4]

Muse had originally been set to support the White Stripes,[5] however said band cancelled due to "medical reasons"[5] and Muse were given the headline slot.[5] Balloons were released during Plug In Baby.


After finishing the gig Matthew Bellamy said, "We love you Texas, Thank you very much". Not long after that Dominic Howard said, "You guys fucking rock! [...] Texas ... Cheers!".


A recap of the gig can be seen here. The riffs after Stockholm Syndrome and the speech can be seen here.



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